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CPT Group, Inc. is committed to providing you with easy access to information. Simply click on any of the following to get answers:

  1. Who is CPT Group, Inc.?

  2. Why use CPT Group, Inc.?

  3. How can CPT Group, Inc. help me?

  4. What types of cases do we administrate?

  5. Questions to consider and discuss when using a Settlement Administrator

Q. Who is CPT Group, Inc.?

A: CPT Group, Inc. specializes in providing professional, customized processing services to the national legal community, and have been doing so exclusively since 1984. Throughout our quarter-century history, we have earned a reputation industry-wide for dedicated service, professional experience and unmatched expertise. We’re comprised of class action professionals that understand the need for precision and diligence at every step of the administration process.

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Q: Why use CPT Group, Inc.?

A: CPT Group, Inc. is a full-service claims administrator that handles the class action process from start to finish. Our service platform is structured to process claims accurately, consistently and expeditiously.

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Q: How can CPT Group, Inc. help me?

A: We provide a wide range of services for Attorneys. You can always trust CPT Group, Inc. to professionally handle:

  • Discovery
  • Class Action Noticing
  • Class Action Claims Administration
  • Publication & Media Campaigns
  • Settlements & Distributions
  • Qualified Settlement Funds
  • Reports
  • Proposals

Discovery: We help the parties research class members for class actions, mass torts, investigations and other lawsuits. We also implement discovery plans/campaigns to identify your specific target group(s), and manage discovery mailings with the utmost confidentiality.

Class Action Noticing: Whether you have two class members or two million, we help counsel notify the class using cost-effective, precise noticing programs.

Class Action Claims Administration: To assist in the claims administration process, we provide toll-free live operator telephone support. Claim forms received are opened, sorted, categorized and deficient claims are addressed accordingly. Plans for the handling of disputes are created and implemented to reduce processing delays. All reports are live and can be accessed via our Website as each claim is processed, allowing 24-hour searches for specific class member information. Once claims processing is complete, counsel is provided with a list of approved claimants and, if applicable, distribution calculations for each claim.

Publication & Media Campaigns: When paid advertising is required for the legal notice plan, our media experts provide in-depth advertising consultations and implement complete media campaigns that effectively reach the targeted class. Media vehicles selected may include newspapers, magazines, specialty publications, Web, television and/or radio.

Settlements & Distributions: We help you manage the Settlement Administration Process for one hundred to one hundred million dollars. Distribution services are managed by our tax, accounting and financial service professionals; disbursement shares are reviewed for accuracy and settlement funds are reconciled. Checking, sweep, escrow and related cash accounts or non-cash assets are monitored and secured throughout the distribution process. We pay and file withholding and employment taxes, and issue Forms W-2 and 1099 as required.

Qualified Settlement Funds A Qualified Settlement Fund (QSF) has certain features that may be advantageous depending on your specific needs. CPT Group, Inc. will carefully review your case to determine if a QSF is the best solution for you.

Reports: We prepare regular status reports/confirmations and also schedule the reporting of quantifiable data (such as phone calls, mail pieces and Web hits) as needed or requested.

Proposals: At CPT Group, Inc., we pride ourselves on adding a personal touch to every written proposal. Specific information obtained from counsel is carefully incorporated into proposals, which also serve to outline the work that will be performed to guarantee a successful administration. We always welcome client input and work to develop a proposal that is mutually agreeable to all involved parties.

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Q: What types of cases do we administrate?

  • Employment/ADA
  • Wage & Hour
  • Consumer/Product Liability
  • Securities

For a complete list of our Practice Areas please click here.

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Q: Questions to consider and discuss when using a Settlement Administrator:

  • How are settlement payments allocated (for tax purposes)?
  • Do notice documents require translation?
  • Is a Website useful to facilitate the claims process?
  • Is a Qualified Settlement Fund needed for settlement proceeds?
  • If Wage & Hour, is the class a one-state working class, or are multiple states involved?
  • Must the notice be published in newspapers/magazines or other mediums?

You have questions. CPT Group, Inc. has answers. Contact us today so we can help you address them all, quickly and with ease.

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